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Global Raw Material Supplier

Mescody has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to petrochemicals. We’re committed to providing our customers with quality products and solutions. According to our vision, the industry is constantly changing, so it’s important that keep up with the latest advancements.

We are working with leading manufacturers and suppliers to provide high-quality materials to the industry. As a member of the Swiss Plastics Platform, the Plastics Innovation Competence Center, and the Swiss Plastic Cluster, we are supporting the innovation and technology for sustainability in the petrochemical industry.

Using the operational advantage and competitive portfolio of high-quality polyolefin products, we offer tailor-made solutions for our partners helping to build a successful relationship. We provide 5.000 metric tons of recycled polymers to the global market annually.

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As part of the sustainable movement community, we are giving value to corporate social responsibility. We support the University of Fribourg Alumni Associations to maintain our relationship with education and innovation to create a better future for the new generations.


With our activities and support for the industry, we put ourselves at the heart of the global raw material supply economy. We forge robust connections through our global network, efficient logistics, and market understanding. Our end-to-end services connect producers, processors, and consumers worldwide for manufacturing high-quality products with the right materials.


How This Swiss Trading Company is Making the Best of a Turkish Bonded-Warehouse

Plastic can be extremely harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Swiss company Mescody is working to mitigate this issue by trading and recycling plastic raw materials.


Trading and recycling plastic raw materials can greatly reduce pollution and waste, ultimately benefiting the environment.


Mescody is a Switzerland-based company that delivers materials to customers in Europe from their bonded warehouse in Turkey. A bonded warehouse is a storage facility where dutiable goods can be held without the payment of taxes.

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