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Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda, bicarbonate of soda, sodium hydrogen carbonate) is white crystalline powder without odor. Chemical formula is NaHCO3.


Sodium bicarbonate has a wide range of applications. Mostly, sodium carbonate is used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer goods industries and production of combined feed.


Food industry – in bread baking, confectionary, making beverages.

Chemical industry – production of dyes, foam plastics and other organic products, fluoric reagents, household chemistry, fire extinguisher fillers.
Light industry – in production of sole rubber and artificial leather, leather making (leather tanning and neutralization), textile industry (finishing silk and cotton fabrics).


Medical and pharmaceutical industry – production of medicines, biologically active supplements, hemodialysis.


About 50 % of sodium bicarbonate is used for household purposes: as leaven for home baking and confectionary products, as detergents, for medical purposes (expectorants, heartburn remedies) and many other purposes.


Sodium bicarbonate is packed in 25 kg polyethylene bags, one-time use special big bag containers (2 and 4 sling) with a maximum mass of 1 ton. Product intended for retail is packaged in consumer packaging – 500 g cardboard packs.


Sodium bicarbonate can be transported by all types of transport (except aviation) in covered vehicles in accordance with Goods Transport Rules applicable for this vehicle type.


Guaranteed shelf life of bicarbonate of soda is 12 months from the manufacture date. Product service life is unlimited.


Product safety is confirmed by the Safety Data Sheet and State Registration Certificate of Sodium Bicarbonate as food additive Е-500.


Sodium bicarbonate is registered in accordance with requirements of ЕС REACH regulations, registration number 01-2119457606-32-0019.

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