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Calcium Carbonate

Soda ash (Calcium carbonate) is used in the glass, chemical, aluminum industries, iron and non-ferrous metallurgy, soap, fats and oils industry, food, textile, paper, oil and other industries, chemical treatment of water, production of plastic and synthetic resins, processing gold bearing and uranium ores, production of detergents and domestic use.


Mescody offers dense and light soda ash to the market.


The soda ash is packaged in 40 kg paper bags and 25 kg polypropylene bags, 800–900 kg (Dense) and 600–650 kg (Light) one-time soft special containers depending on the manufacturer. The product is transported in bulk by railway in soda containers and hoppers, and also soda trucks. Soda ash packaged in soft special containers is carried by railway in open cars and covered cars, and also by road transport. Packed in bags, it is carried by any type of transport protecting the product from moisture.


Transportation in 20 and 40-feet sea vans in 25 kg polypropylene bags, 700 kg (Light) and 1,000 kg (Dense) big bags is possible to the countries outside the CIS.


Guaranteed shelf life of soda ash dense is 3 months, soda ash light – 6 months, packaged in soft special containers – 5 years from the manufacture date. Store the product in covered warehouses, silos, hoppers protecting it from moisture.


Product safety is certified by the Safety Data Sheet. The product is not subject to mandatory conformity verification in the form certifications and declaration.


Soda ash is registered in accordance with requirements of the ЕС REACH regulations, registration number 01-2119485498-19-0025 of 12.11.2010.


Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate was received for soda ash light, confirming the use of the product as a reagent for potable water.


Soda ash has a Compliance Certificate and an Application Certificate in the TEKSERT to be used in oil and petrochemical industries.

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